There should be alternatives to burning sugar cane

More than 200 days a year HC&S starts massive fires on Maui. It burns carcinogens such as PCBs, and rains plastic “black snow” onto the beaches and onto the lawns and streets of our neighborhoods.

It causes asthma for some, and I know firsthand that my entire family is affected. Our eyes, noses and throats itch, our eyes and lungs burn from the thickness of the smoke burning miles away, we cough and sneeze only during the times when cane smoke envelops the towns of Kihei and Wailea like fog.

Public beaches – the most beautiful in the world – suddenly turn smoky and toxic as black snow falls into the ocean. This is a crime against nature that no one should be allowed to perpetrate.

The company says they have no alternatives. But this is untrue. We have even suggested specific things they could do to become more environmentally responsible, as well as more profitable. Growing plants for biodiesel is one great idea.

Please help us to spread the word, and stop this company from spreading pollution, illness and ugliness across our beautiful island. We are a small island. Our voices are few. And our political power is certainly limited. But in a democracy, with a proactive government that supports the environmental rights of its citizens, we still have hope.

Please help any way you can.

Gary Marks