South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth Fires First Legal Salvo to Stop Cane Burning

South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth has just sent a cease and desist letter to HC&S over cane Burning

“In light of the above, demand is made upon you, collectively and individually, to cease and desist from pre-harvest cane burning and to convert the company’s agricultural practices to modern cane harvesting techniques and standards that do not pose a significant health and safety risks to the community. A timely reply is requested.”

HC&S Demand Letter

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  • Chuck

    Bravo….and battle on!! Excellent work from South Maui Citizens for Responsible Growth! We are tired of the abuse from HC&S and will not tolerate this any longer. Any place else in the country would be running this company out of town. Maui hasn’t been able to because this company bullies its workers and unions and citizens and politicians by threatening layoffs all in the sake of making a little more money from their harvest. It is time for them to change their harvesting practice or plant a different crop!