Sneaky Moves by DoH and A&B


And DoH is colluding with them.

Turns out they were granted a burn permit for 2016 MORE THAN A MONTH EARLY on Feb 1!

But not their normal burn permit. No, no, no. They knew that our argument that they needed to do an EIS to burn on state and county property was valid so the Dept of Health cooperated in allowing them to segment their burn permit into two pieces. Supposedly private land and “public land“.

A&B thinks they are so clever in not only pulling one over on the public and Stop Cane Burning but on Judge Cardoza too. They never even told the judge that they had already been granted the 2016 permits and that they had segmented them.

Meanwhile they argued 120 day “statute of limitations” had run on our challenge to their permit WHILE THEY KNEW THAT ONLY TWO DAYS PRIOR THEY HAD STARTED THE CLOCK AGAIN.

And if anyone had ANY doubts that the Dept of Health is assisting A&B, this action should put those doubts to rest.


  • CSpellman

    I agree with you and hopefully the Judge will call them out based on the merits and rule in favor of Stop Cane Burning.

  • CSpellman

    Injunction granted while Judge Cardoza sorts it all out and other sanctions. A&B should be sanctioned and fined for willful neglect by the mere act of obfuscating. They lied to the court omission is still a lie. DOH needs to be audited by outside sources and if they are found guilty all people involved should be sacked! Immediate depositions need to be taken and A&B must pay for them to be conducted by the plaintiffs.

    • Stop Cane Burning

      Our strategy will be to press our case forward on the merits. I don’t think that Stop Cane Burning wants to get involved in calling out A&B on this in a legal venue.