Signwave on Sept 29

For Immediate Release

Event Date: Saturday September 29, 2012 10am
Event Location: Corner of Mokulele & Dairy Road

Maui residents affected by cane smoke intend to deliver petitions signed by over 6,000 people to the State Department of Health and HC&S.  The petitions ask that HC&S and DOH stop allowing smoke to pollute the air in areas accessible to the public. To raise visibility of the numerous people who want cane burning stopped, they’ve scheduled a sign waving for Saturday, September 29, 10am at the corner of Mokulele and Dairy Road near the commuter parking lot.

According to Stop Cane Burning organizer, Karen Chun, “There are many studies showing that the particles in agricultural smoke damage the lungs and heart. We have posted two of these peer reviewed articles showing cane smoke health damage on”

Kevin Jackson has been encouraging residents affected by smoke to make formal reports to DOH ( or 808 984-8234 ).  According to Jackson, “DOH gives so many exceptions to the requirement that HC&S ‘minimize visible smoke from entering any nearby building, pubic road, highway, beach, or any area to which the public has unrestricted access’ that the burn permit is toothless.”  He says residents are frustrated by the blanket reply that “HC&S burn was legal”.

“Is DOH protecting the public or are they protecting HC&S profits?” asks Jackson.

Chun and Jackson urge residents and visitors affected by smoke to use’s one click complaint link to document smoke impacts to DOH, EPA and HC&S.  “I was amazed,” says Chun, “When I saw that the 2012 Open Air Burn Permit only listed a handful of complaints.  I think it is because none of us knew we had to document the smoke incident.  The link makes it easy.”

Chun went on to say that the group is keeping track of complaints in order to be sure that the 2013 Burn Permit has all the data.

Organizers invite all those concerned about cane smoke health damage to show up for the sign waving.