Severe health issues may prompt class-action suit

Now that the truth of facts are being revealed regarding chemicals used in the cane fields and what we cannot avoid breathing during cane burning on Maui, I am extremely interested in hearing more.

After driving through a cane burn upon first arriving on Maui, I spent a week in the hospital with many doctors trying to understand why my liver was failing, and why I was as yellow as a school bus. Apparently I made the history books.

Maui County and the company involved had best be aware that many lawsuits or a class-action suit may be in their face in the very near future as I am personally aware of at least two other cases of woman dealing with similar issues after being exposed to the cane burning.

I am shocked that officials are unconcerned. Could that possibly be true? After all, burning of anything but wood or charcoal is banned in most states. So it is time! Officials may not care now but they will!

Christine Nonnenmacher