Resources (From Susan Douglas)

Prepared by Susan Douglas (with a little help from my friends)
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HC&S Resources

  • Hotline for HC&S to be notified of burns – Clayton 877-2910
  • Recorded hotline for more info – 877 6963
  • Text the word “sugar” to 888777

ALA, American Lung Association, 244-5110, Linda Brady, Maui Office Coordinator, Cameron Center, Kahului. 537-5966 Honolulu


  • 3M air filters, $29, 2 filters on both ends, buy online.
  • Standard Non-Toxic Dust Mask: 50 masks for $9.00 + sh. 1,000 masks $120.00 + $54.80 sh = $174.80

Maui Clean Air

From: Unmani Cynthia Groves:

  • I got on the call list from HC&S. I also call the hot line at night before bed. Sometimes there are cancellations or changes to the burn schedule. This allows you to know when they are burning in your area and how long you need to close up the house.
    • Cane Burning hot line 877-6963.
    • NOAA weather 866-944-5052
    • Maui Adviseries 808 986-1200.
    • Vog hotline 866-767-5044 or website
  • Most people do not know that they can call Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar, 808 877-2928 or (808) 877-0081 to get on the “Cane Burning Advanced Notification” call list alerts for burn schedule updates that affect your area of the island.
  • Let HC&S know where you live to accommodate you. HC&S is encouraging folks to sign up now for cane burning alerts on Nile, a new notification tool they introduced to provide text messages about their cane burning schedule. Text the word “sugar” to 888777 and you’ll soon receive news you can use, sent right to your phone. I read in Rep George Fontaine’s newsletter that HC&S will be publishing the weekly cane burning schedule in the Maui News.
  • Before bed, you can call the HC &S hot line recording 877-6963 daily for burn times for the next day. This info can keep you, the elderly, your children and pets healthier and keep your house cleaner. I’ve noticed that burning has occurred anywhere between 4am and 10 am in the morning. Don’t think that while you are sleeping with the windows open that you are protected from cane smoke in the air. Lung conditions are one of the most prevalent health issues on Maui.