Resident expresses thanks to A&B for destroying air

This is one big mahalo to A&B for burning the cane on the worst vog day ever in back of Kuau Bayview on June 7. Mahalo again for making the air so bad that we couldn’t even walk our dog in the park above Kuau Bayview. The air was so bad, we couldn’t breathe.

Mahalo for letting us know ahead of time that you were going to ruin our neighborhood as you previously did every two years. I remember, once upon a time, that you delivered a note to our mailboxes warning us of your intention to burn. No more notes, no more air to breathe.

Mahalo for making it necessary for me to hose off my car, lanai and house every morning. The wind is still blowing, and the dirt is still accumulating. You have made no effort to clean up your mess. Perhaps it is not one of your priorities.

Finally, mahalo for making our lives one dirty mess because you won’t green harvest. Why is Maui the only place in the world where cane is still being burned? Are your profit margins so small that you can’t change a process that is slowly killing all of us who breathe your foul air?

To those usual folks who defend this filthy practice: No, we did not know that living in Kuau Bayview would be so foul. We bought our house in the “wrong” (or “right”?) year. Cane burning wasn’t polluting the air when we purchased our home.

Lynn Austin