Petition: “Sugar in the Raw” Harvest w/o Burning

Dear “Sugar in the Raw” folks,

We who buy your product care about the environment. And we’d like to know that you care too.  When you burn the cane fields on Maui, it adds to the CO2 and worsens climate change.  And the smoke from your burning is damaging the lungs of your workers, your workers’ children and the residents of Maui.

We love your product and want you to change to no-burn harvesting so we can continue to buy it, knowing we aren’t contributing to Global Warming and lung disease.

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Cane Fire Starts at 6:30am June 16, 2012

Cane Fire Starts at 6:30am June 16, 2012

.Smoke Covers Hana & Haleakala Highways 45 Minutes Later