Petition: A&B Stop Your Bad Environmental Practices

Alexander & Baldwin – Stop Destroying Hawaii’s Environment

To be delivered to: Stanley M. Kuriyama, Chairman & CEO
PETITION STATEMENT  (click here to sign)

Pay for dumping 1,400 tons of Molasses into Honolulu harbor in the worst marine disaster in the state’s history.

Stop your ancient and coal plant from contaminating our local children. Put modern monitoring and pollution control on it.

Stop burning sugarcane every day and giving Maui people lung disease.

Stop putting herbicides like Dirun on your sugarcane. The runoff is killing our reefs.

Stop using more than your share of our scarce water.

Petition Background

Your subsidiary, Matson Shipping carelessly pumped 1,400 tons of molasses in Honolulu harbor causing the worst marine disaster in Hawaii’s history. Fish are dead. There’s no way to clean it up. The entire ecosystem has been destroyed.

For decades your subsidiary, HC&S, has ignored the lung disease your daily sugarcane burning has caused. Maui has the second highest asthma rate in the nation. HC&S burns 9 months out of the year and let smoke fill our homes and schools on a regular basis. You refuse to no-burn harvest which you can do (and do on some days) because you would have to hire more workers and it would decrease your profit.

You operate 3 coal-fired boilers with no continuous monitoring, which spew SO2 and heavy metals on to the towns where the biggest population of our local children reside.

You spread Dirun herbicide on your cane fields which runs into the ocean and is killing our reefs.

You take more than your share of Maui’s scarce water away from the Hawaiian taro farmers and dry up the streams of East Maui.

Your operations have polluted the groundwater aquifers under your fields.

You’ve bought out our politicians and no laws exist to control your bad environmental behavior.

STOP your greedy destruction of our beautiful islands.

After you sign this petition, will send you email and hit you up for a $25 donation.  If you can spare it, help them out.  They gave us the money to buy our bumper stickers and “How to Report Smoke” cards, so it would be nice if we could return the favor.  Many thanks to for helping us!

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