No Burn Days Called

Notice that only a few no-burn days are called when HC&S is actually burning (March – October/November).  Notice too that in 2008 and 2009 a lot more days were called – almost 8 times as many.  Was Blake Shiigi in charge of calling no-burn days these two years?  Was the weather so very different in those years?  These are questions we need to research.

Bottom line: No-burn days are not being called as often as they should.


  • cora grether

    The plastic and smoke has got to go!

  • Victoria Petrov

    this has to stop! we have to protect the earth and care for it. because there is no planet b.

  • Lesley Blissett

    To be forced to live in an area which is covered by smoke virtually all the time must be like living in hell and has to be bad for local residents health. This is a total disgrace, people don’t stand a chance of having a normal life in the burn areas!