A&B (HC&S) ends Cane Burning

On December 12, 2016 Alexander & Baldwin ended cane burning two weeks prior to the court-ordered date of December 25, 2016. This marks the end of A&B’s unhealthy and polluting industrial agriculture practice and also marks the end of their coal-burning electric operation. No longer will ships take sugar to the mainland and come back filled with coal to burn […]

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Wed March 30 Court Date

Please come Wednesday (May 30) 9am Judge Cardoza’s courtroom. Come see whether we can FINALLY get a date for our injunction to stop cane burning or whether the Dept of (un)Health lawyer will continue to block us from ever getting a hearing. Wear red or your stop cane burning t-shirt. Wailuku Courthouse, 4th floor. Room 3.

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Court Docs in Stop Cane Burning Case

Stop Cane Burning’s Amended Complaint Stop Cane Burning’s Motion for a Preliminary Injunction to prevent burning Stop Cane Burning’s Amended Motion for a Preliminary Injunction A&B’s motion to dismiss (We won on 4 of 6 counts so the lawsuit goes forward) Stop Cane Burning’s response to A&B’s motion to dismiss DoH’s addition to A&B’s motion to dismiss A&B: More support […]

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