HC&S’s contamination of Paia homes makes national news

CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION OF MAUI HOMES MAKES NATIONAL NEWS! The failure of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to address the safety of Maui residents and to protect them from being repeatedly poisoned in their own homes is finally making national news. Published today 1/5/2016 in “The Hill”, a Washington DC based organization that reaches over 24,000 politicians. http://thehill.com/…/heal…/264690-paradise-is-being-poisoned Text of article: […]

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HC&S Atrazine Use Poisoning Our Ground Water?

This information is from Department of Agriculture’s Pesticides Supervisor, Thomas Matsuda through a Freedom of Information Act Request. HC&S use thousands of pounds of Atrazine each year on Maui. Last year, approximately 60,000 pounds of Atrazine was used just on Maui despite the fact that our irrigation and groundwater wells are already contaminated with it. A UC Berkeley Study demonstrated […]

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Maui Planning Commission Asked to Consider Cane Smoke 

Wailuku, HI – On September 22 Christopher Profio filed to ask that the Maui Planning Commission include sugarcane smoke as a factor when granting a special management area use permit (SMA). Profio asserts that smoke and ash from the nine or ten months of sugarcane burning conducted by Alexander & Baldwin each year creates a hazard for people as well […]

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HC&S Myths

Cane Fire Starts at 6:30am June 16, 2012

Myth #1:  If we stop cane burning, the central valley will be paved over with development A) A&B (the company that operates as HC&S) is primarily a real estate development company. If you’ve noticed over the last few decades, A&B has been converting cane fields to development as fast as the economy can absorb them. Just recently A&B Business Park […]

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Re-Greening for Future Generations

The myriad points of view relative to the continuation of sugar cultivation in the Central Plain/Isthmus of Maui are sometimes baffling and often not to the point. Other than the public health concerns of aerosols from burned plastics and carcinogenic chemicals, there is a very real question of what can be done with the vast acreage owned or controlled by HC&S, more than 36,000 […]

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Myth: Jobs will be lost

Rick Volner has said that A&B is committed to keeping its 36,000 acres in agriculture and transitioning to another crop after sugar. In 2009 they lost money on their sugar operations and said they’d shut down. And now sugar isn’t profitable and they are saying it again. For 44 years A&B has dragged its feet in converting to a more profitable crop. The cane smoke lawsuit is just the nudge they need to actually take action on their stated objective of moving to another more profitable crop.

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