“Minimization” doesn’t work

Despite what HC&S says are its best efforts, most every smoke plume eventually collapses over a population center.  Ma’alaea and North Kihei are particularly hard hit.  The Department of Health, which issues the open air burn permit annually, agrees that most every plume will collapse at the end of the burn and drop to ground level.  And yet they continues to allow burns and tell us that HC&S met their standard of “miminization”.  Minimization is a vague word that means nothing and most certainly does not mean that no smoke dropped down on our towns.

Maui has an epidemic of asthma and reactive airway disease, caused mostly by cane smoke.  Not only does this affect our health and quality of life but it is literally killing our children.  Asthma can be a dangerous disease and some of us have lost loved ones to an asthma attack.  Most of us have watched over a loved one as they struggled to breathe from an attack.