Known fact: Cane burning affects health

Just because we have been doing something for years does not make it right (“Nothing new about cane burning, deal with it,” Letters, Nov. 28).

Apparently the writer does not care about the health of children. When one of them gets critically ill, tell them “just deal with it.” It is a known fact that the cane burning affects many people’s health. Remember, they are not just burning the cane, but the plastic water supply lines. There are some bad carcinogens being produced and released into the air we breathe.

I love this island and I am not trying to change everything. I believe that we should change the things that may hurt its population. I’m not trying to put anyone out of work, but there is a better way of preparing the land for the next crop.

There are many other countries that grow sugar cane and do not burn the fields when harvesting. It may be more cost effective to burn the cane, but is it worth the cost to the people who suffer from asthma and emphysema? We have to be conscious of what is good for the majority of people here on this beautiful island.

Gerard F. Mazzacano