If you care about Clean Air on Maui:

If you care about Clean Air on Maui:

1.  The most important people for you to contact to make a complaint are: Lisa Young, Clean Air Branch Honolulu 808-586-4200 cab@doh.hawaii.gov and Kerry Drake, EPA  415-947-4157 or drake.kerry@epa.gov. Calling Blake Shiigi with DOH on Maui is a waste of time.  He is openly hostile and not useful.  Lisa Young is his boss, and Kerry Drake (theoretically) is Lisa’s higher (federal) authority.

2.  Take and send photos with date and time stamps to document smoke intrusion and send to Lisa and Kerry.  Kerry a great guy, and while federal authority over agricultural burning is extremely limited, he seems to care and take notice.

3.  Help Maui Tomorrow collect data on the health/impacts of cane burning by completing their survey EACH TIME YOU SUFFER from a cane burning event: http://maui-tomorrow.org/?p=3479

4.  Call your Council Members.  When calling Council Members, you should also ask why HC&S and parent company A&B receive tens of millions of dollars in County subsidies in the form of ridiculously low property tax rates and water subsidies.  The market values of A&B’s agricultural properties for tax assessment purposes need to be updated.  Since A&B has held these properties for decades, the taxes are based on the market value of the properties in the 1960’s or earlier.  That’s crazy.  If you own property, you get re-assessed every year.  Why not A&B?  Ask your Council member while complaining about health and other impacts of cane smoke:

Danny Mateo, Council Chair (Molokai) 270-7678
Joseph Pontanilla, Council Vice-Chair (Kahului) 270-5501
Gladys Baisa (Pukalani, Kula, Ulupalakua) 270-7127
Robert Carroll (East Maui) 270-7246
Elle Cochran (West Maui) 270-5504
Don Couch (South Maui) 270-7108
Riki Hokama (Lanai) 270-7768
Mike Victorino (Wailuku/Waihee/Waikapu) 270-7760
Mike White (Makawao/Haiku/Paia) 270-5507

5.  Call your state representatives and senators and demand they introduce legislation to ban cane burning or to strengthen regulation of cane burning in the interest of public health.  Please also review and refer to the attached article, “The Impact of Sugar-Cane Burning on the Respiratory System of Children and the Elderly” published in May, 2006 in Environmental Health Perspectives the journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Services within the National Institutes of Health within the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.  I think if NIH says cane burning is bad for people, that’s good enough for me.  Send it to your legislator and tell them to make laws to protect us.

State Rep. George Fontaine (Makena/Wailea/Kihei)  808-586-8525 repfontaine@capitol.hawaii.gov
Rep. Gilbert Keith-Agaran (Wailuku/Puunene/Sprecks/Paia) 808-586-6210 repkeithagaran@capitol.hawaii.gov
Rep. Angus McKelvey (Lahaina/Kaanapali/Kapalua/Maalaea/Kihei) 808-586-6160 repmckelvey@capitol.hawaii.gov
Rep. Joe Souki (Wailuku/Waihee/Waiehu/Waikapu) 808-586-9444 repsouki@capitol.hawaii.gov
Rep. Kyle Yamashita (Pukalani/Makawao/Kula/Ulupalakua) 808-586-6330 repyamashita@capitol.hawaii.gov
Sen. Roz Baker (South and West Maui) 808-586-6070 senbaker@capitol.hawaii.gov
Sen. Kalani English (Upcountry/Molokai/Lanai) 808-587-7225 senenglish@capitol.hawaii.gov
Sen. Shan Tsutsui (Wailuku/Waihe`e/Kahului/Paia) 808-586-7344 sentsutsui@capitol.hawaii.gov

FYI: There were so many complaints to DOH and EPA regarding the burn early yesterday, Sept. 7th (during no wind conditions resulting in smoke collapsed all over central Maui) that Kerry Drake has referred the matter to his compliance folks at EPA Region 9 for possible investigation into whether the burn violated the conditions of the burn permit.  We need as many people as possible to complain about yesterday’s burn and document health impacts and other impacts of yesterday’s burn including where they are on Maui.

Please review and disseminate the attached report, Sick of Soot, produced by Earthjustice in support of the new “soot” standard for Particulate Matter 2.5 microns or less (PM2.5).  This PM2.5 is one of the key components of our cane smoke and the report covers health impacts.  The period to submit comments in support of a stricter standard for PM2.5 is now closed.  I believe there were over 300,000 comments submitted, but there should have been millions.  Hope you were heard.

Thank you for helping improve respiratory health on Maui.


Christine L. Andrews, J.D.
Founding President, Maui Electric Auto Association
Maui Captain, National Plug In Day