Hundreds in Kihei would like to bring an end to cane burning

In response to an Aug. 25 letter containing opinion but less than factual conclusions about cane smoke, Kahului residents benefit from the Hawaii EPA cane burn abatement criteria established before a downwind South Maui community ever existed.

They never have to breathe toxic cane smoke because they live upwind. When the wind blows Kona, Alexander & Baldwin (owners of HC&S) is prevented from burning cane so as not to adversely affect Maui’s population center. I’m sure that plantation employees are well trained to remain upwind of any cane burn so as not to adversely affect their health.South Maui – Kihei, Wailea and Makena – gets dumped-on daily. Each burn gets blown through the valley offshore. Then, onshore breezes blow every single cane burn back onshore somewhere over South Maui. Particulate plastics along with the cane smoke are inhaled by all.

South Maui employers cannot offer their employees a smoke-free workplace in spite of county regulations involving tobacco. It’s past time. When is Alexander & Baldwin, which boasts of $100 million in profits on its Web site, going to be forced to be a good neighbor? Do you think its actually getting permits for each cane burn as required by law?

I have a couple hundred signatures of South Maui residents protesting the continued burning of sugar cane. This took little effort. Hear the message, A&B and HC&S: Stop cane burn now.

Tina Lucas