HC&S responsible for wash water demand

Once again Wednesday we awoke to “Maui snow.” When is this going to end? A gentleman from Lahaina (Letters, Nov. 9) said that “they have been doing this for some 150 years.” That doesn’t make it right.

As a manager of a resort in Kihei, more than three times a week we need to hose down our lots, cars, and pool area to rid the cane droppings. Multiply this by every resort, home, business in Kihei and you have a significant increase in water consumption.

I thought we had a water shortage. HC&S is directly responsible for this and our water board needs to do something about it. HC&S told me they monitor the offshore winds and only burn when it is favorable. Well, excuse me, but their weather monitoring stations don’t seem to be working. I even contacted the EPA about this and they reported that only about 1 percent of the time that they burn it adversely affects Kihei. Well, I am on my third washing in 10 days. Time for some teeth in regulating this hazardous, dangerous and ongoing practice.

I will be posting a follow-up to this with my name and address so those who want to join me in signing a petition to take directly to the EPA to stop this awful practice and force HC&S to comply with clean air standards and process cane responsibly like Brazil does.

Gene Wood