HC&S Atrazine Use Poisoning Our Ground Water?

This information is from Department of Agriculture’s Pesticides Supervisor, Thomas Matsuda through a Freedom of Information Act Request. HC&S use thousands of pounds of Atrazine each year on Maui. Last year, approximately 60,000 pounds of Atrazine was used just on Maui despite the fact that our irrigation and groundwater wells are already contaminated with it.

A UC Berkeley Study demonstrated that all it takes is 0.1 pp. to change the sex of a frog. And it is in our water at far higher concentrations. It has contaminated the wells in Kihei, Napili, Kaanapali, Puunene, Honokahua, Paia, etc. And yet, the Department of Agriculture, under Scott Enright, has chosen to continue to allow HC&S to spray Atrazine all over our island even though it is a well known fact that it has seeped through the ground and into our groundwater. Here is the link that shows the contaminated wells here on Maui. The EPA has been notified and has promised to look into the matter.

Please check out the link below so that you are aware of exactly what your tap water is contaminated with….what you are drinking….what your children are drinking. Wells in Kihei have as much as .56 ppb while wells in Napili and Kaanapali have up to .67 ppb. Scott Enright and the Department of Agriculture feel comfortable with that amount in our drinking water, claiming that it is still below the EPA standards…so comfortable Mr. Enright is perfectly content letting his friends over at HC&S continue to spray thousands of pounds per year on their cane fields. This madness needs to stop.

In addition, Scott Enright, the head of the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture has confirmed that anywhere from 5 to 12 homes in the Paia area have tested positive for herbicides in the last 4 years…..the Department can’t even give an exact number but it could be up to 12 according to Mr. Enright. And none of those cases have closed…..no fines….no citations….no notices of violation…..we are being poisoned in our own homes and the Department of Agriculture is standing by and letting it happen.

See a map of polluted groundwater here.