Download CleanAirMaui Phone Ap to Report Smoke

New Phone Ap to Report Dust and Smoke on Maui

Maui Tomorrow Foundation this week announced a new smart phone application: CleanAirMaui, as part of the foundation’s Clean Air for Keiki campaign. This free app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android allows members of the community to use their smart phones to report incidents of excessive cane smoke; ash; and fugitive dust to the state Department of Health’s Clean Air Branch (CAB); the Mayor’s Office; and the Environmental Protection Agency.

CleanAirMaui ap screenshot

While links for reporting these issues have been available on the Clean Air for Keiki website ( since early this year, not all reports include the information needed by CAB for accurate investigations. “To make complaints about violations, the department says they need complete information – time, location, photos,” says Irene Bowie, Maui Tomorrow’s executive director. “This app empowers the community with accurate reporting to push for better air quality.”

Maui Tomorrow launched the Clean Air for Keiki campaign in an effort to inform the community of air quality issues. According to Hawaii Health Matters’ indicators for respiratory disease, Maui County ranks second to Hawaii County in adults and children with asthma. The campaign is working with the state Department of Health for stricter enforcement of restrictions on HC&S burn permits (not burning fields on days with variable wind and/or vog), and better mitigation measures against fugitive dust from fields. The campaign’s ultimate goal is a move to 21st century sustainable practices (converting the majority of HC&S fields to green harvesting, thereby eliminating smoke, increasing organic matter in the soil and protecting it from erosion), as Australia’s sugar cane industry has successfully done.

To download the app enter CleanAirMaui on your phone’s app store; for further information  call Maui Tomorrow at 808.244.7570.


  • I think your Clean Air Maui app needs some work. It’s confusing that it asks for someone to submit a “request”; how many people are submitting requests vs. reporting cane burning issues or asking a question? Also, the last three times I’ve tried to send a message, it never sends (just keeps searching, searching) until I get frustrated and just cancel the whole thing. I wonder how many communications you’re not receiving due to web issues.

    • Stop Cane Burning

      Agree. Good suggestions. If you are on your phone, you have to make sure that both GPS and Mobile Data are enabled. I’ll pass your comments on to the developer.


  • the epa does nothing cuz a and b have a farm permit pls ask why do they get the permit when they are burning plastic and dust farming pesticides make calls to the S.F. epa head for the hawaiian islands and ask and ask why they do nothing to enforce also. could it be $$$$$$ only perhaps j

    • Stop Cane Burning

      It is true that Farm interests have intentionally carved out an exception for Ag Burning. However the EPA (nearest office is San Francisco) CAN, if they so choose, step in when health is impacted.

      As can the State Dept. of Health. A&B HAS bought out most of the Hawai’i legislators and has gotten special interest laws passed excluding their cane operations from “best practices”. Nonetheless A&B gets the burn permit from the State Dept of Health and because of last year’s complaints that permit tightened up rules on when it is a no-burn day.

      This resulted in 2 months of hardly any burning. During that time HC&S (A&B is the parent company) still harvested cane with their same equipment – but just without burning it first.

      If we continue making reports of smoke at ground level, we’ll identify those fields that should NEVER be burned because they cause too much smoke in people’s houses and businesses. So be SURE and download the new phone AP from your phone’s ap store and report smoke at ground level whenever it occurs.

      CleanAirMaui is the name of the ap.

      IF you don’t have a smartphone, you can still report here on this website.

  • oops i cant find your app on my app store how can i get it i like to report every time the smoke infultrates the schools during school hours. What are these creepy A and B decision makers thinking?? absurd. i have now contacted several principal and school nurses to also report the problem pleae join in this tactic. and mostly pls let me know how to get the app on my i phone and i pad aloha Jay and daughter

  • Gene

    Let me know when you guys are ready to use civil disobedience to stop the burning. All the talk an the phoney aloha are not getting the smoke to stop. The use of the culture and history of cane on Maui are literally a smoke screen. Pun intended.