A&B (HC&S) ends Cane Burning

On December 12, 2016 Alexander & Baldwin ended cane burning two weeks prior to the court-ordered date of December 25, 2016.  This marks the end of A&B’s unhealthy and polluting industrial agriculture practice and also marks the end of their coal-burning electric operation.  No longer will ships take sugar to the mainland and come back filled with coal to burn […]

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HC&S Myths

Cane Fire Starts at 6:30am June 16, 2012

Myth #1:  If we stop cane burning, the central valley will be paved over with development A) A&B (the company that operates as HC&S) is primarily a real estate development company. If you’ve noticed over the last few decades, A&B has been converting cane fields to development as fast as the economy can absorb them. Just recently A&B Business Park […]

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Myth: Jobs will be lost

Rick Volner has said that A&B is committed to keeping its 36,000 acres in agriculture and transitioning to another crop after sugar. In 2009 they lost money on their sugar operations and said they’d shut down. And now sugar isn’t profitable and they are saying it again. For 44 years A&B has dragged its feet in converting to a more profitable crop. The cane smoke lawsuit is just the nudge they need to actually take action on their stated objective of moving to another more profitable crop.

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