Cane burning a hazard and nuisance

Why are we still burning cane on Maui? Is it not a health hazard to people with chronic breathing problems such as emphysema and asthma? I have been seeing a doctor for breathing problems for the past four months. It seems to be set off when the burning of cane takes place.

I remember when people did not fear asbestos use in buildings. Later they found out it was killing people. When they burn the cane, are they not also burning the plastic oil-based water tubing supply lines with it? I’m sure that is good for your lungs.

I wish the people who are suffering from these breathing problems would bring a class-action suit against the company burning the cane. I fear that the company CEOs are in bed with the public officials and that is why they continue to burn.

Aside from the health problem, I get upset with having to clean up all the black snow. I’m sure that tourists who visit the island are impressed with the black snow. I spent four hours cleaning my two porches and pool yesterday and they are loaded with black snow again.

I think it is time for change and I hope more people jump on the bandwagon.

Gerard F. Mazzacano