California permissive and no burn day rules.

Here are the California rules for Ag burning. Note that the state gives over the power to call no-burn days to areas if the area demonstrates a good record for 3 years of managing smoke.

They also call “permissive burn days” and are required to call the day prior to 4am based on meterological data. Burns are not allowed to start prior to 10am and must end by 5pm.

Here are the Hawai’i state rules which are laughably unscientific:

“When the director determines that meteorological conditions have resulted in widespread haze on any island or in any district on the island and that these meteorological conditions will continue or deteriorate.

For the purposes of this section, widespread haze shall be considered to exist when all visible ridges:
(A) Within five to ten miles have a “smoky” or bluish appearance and colors are subdued; and
(B) Beyond ten miles have a blurred appearance; “