Asthma experts should be looking at cane smoke

As for The Maui News story Feb. 24 about asthma and Dr. Homer Boushey, all the people I know who have kids and live in the Kihei-Wailea area say it’s from the cane burning. Whenever they burn the cane the kids’ asthma picks up. More in Hawaii than anywhere in the U.S. Tell the doctor to check on the cane burning. The smoke goes that way. I know and have seen it too. I live in Wailuku where it’s clear but I’ve worked in Wailea. When they burn cane it’s not good. I work in Lahaina town and I see the burning driving to work in the morning or afternoon. Have Dr. Boushey check on this. Driving and working over there is bad enough when they burn the fields. I couldn’t live there with the smoke. I’m glad I don’t go that way anymore but I can see it all just driving to Lahaina. Terri M. Zarling Wailuku