Maui Planning Commission Asked to Consider Cane Smoke 

Wailuku, HI – On September 22 Christopher Profio filed to ask that the Maui Planning Commission include sugarcane smoke as a factor when granting a special management area use permit (SMA). Profio asserts that smoke and ash from the nine or ten months of sugarcane burning conducted by Alexander & Baldwin each year creates a hazard for people as well […]

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HC&S Myths

Cane Fire Starts at 6:30am June 16, 2012

Myth #1:  If we stop cane burning, the central valley will be paved over with development A) A&B (the company that operates as HC&S) is primarily a real estate development company. If you’ve noticed over the last few decades, A&B has been converting cane fields to development as fast as the economy can absorb them. Just recently A&B Business Park […]

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